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"Yellow Nest Barcelona Hostel. Cheap, clean and safe youth Hostel in Barcelona. Book at the popular youth hostel in Barcelona NOW."

Yellow Nest Barcelona Hostel. CHEAP, SAFE AND CLEAN Hostels in Barcelona.

Mellow ECO Hostel

Our philosophy is to serve our customers as friends and that is why you will always find our staff warm and welcoming. We love travel and we understand the needs of today's "independent traveller" of all ages. So if you are looking for a hostel, Feetup Hostels Group has a hostel made specially for you!

At Yellow Nest Hostel Barcelona you will find spacious rooms and well decorated, and our staff will always be up to provide useful information about the best to do in Barcelona. It is the perfect place for those who do not like small environments.


Mellow ECO Hostel

Yellow Nest Hostel Barcelona is the perfect place for an independent traveler. It has everything that someone could expect from a hostel, many common areas where you can socialize such as the game room, the lounge or the huge roof terrace, but also places to have a rest like the cinema or the library.


Mellow ECO Hostel

4 min walk from Badal metro station if you follow these instruction. Get off at Badal Sation and go to your left, Carreras I Candi Exit. It has 2 doors, get the one on your right (Sortida Sants) Once on the street, walk straight ahead to the next corner and turn right onto Arizala Street. After 100 mts. walk, you´ll reach Avenida Madrid, cross the avenue and walk up the first small street to the left. This is Passatge del Regente Mendieta, wher you will find us at Nş 5. Here is the hostel!

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